CPTD Online

Continuous Professional Teacher Development for teachers is now, as is the case with other professions, compulsory.  Since 2018 all teachers must comply with earning the required 150 CPTD points over 3 years. We would like to support teachers as well as SACE  and other concerned organisations to up the professional status of teachers. 

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What are we offering?

We currently have a selection of 90 points from which you can choose from  to complete your required CPTD points. In the comfort of your home, at your own speed and in your own time.  No more traveling to workshops, time out of the classrooms and sacrificing holidays. Spend 2 hours and receive 5 CPTD points! No administration, we will do that on your behalf!

We have carefully selected the course topics to ensure that they are relevant and add value to the teachers’ day to day activities. Our course content owners are experienced experts in the field.

 Courses are grouped to address and support the following skills:

  •      Leadership development
  •      Psycho social challenges in the classroom
  •      ICT integration (Based on the Intel Education courses localised for South Africa)
  •      Classroom management

How to sign up?

1. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to indicate your interest. Indicate if you are signing up as an individual or a school. 

2. In response to this email you will receive an email with payment details as well as the data required to register participants on the system in line with SACE requirements.

3. Following payment you will receive login details with instructions to start earning your CPTD points online.

4. On completion of every course you will receive a certificate of attendance and your points will be updated at SACE.